Day 4

Day 4, Cannes France 2014
Yesterday when I was walking all of a sudden my just getting everything. My shoulders were both chilling. I could not walk. I could not breathe. I had to stop and go home and sleep. If not for Dawn of the dead 3-D I would’ve been sleeping all night and then I woke at 1:30 PM the next day. Now after a long night of sleeping on this tiny couch, my shoulder my left shoulder is killing me while I walk… I cannot feel like talking not feeling watching want to go lay down not on the couch. But I am not going to do that I just up as a pirate and I am going out and meeting people hopefully will not get to hurt. The justification to myself is I was in a fight the night before with the savage beast tried to take my pirate ship. In a scurvy of madness my parrot came to my aid and picked out the eyes of this savage. Thank God I have my parents. With this battle in mind I have energy to become the Pirates I need to be to sell the people of Cannes my story. Drinking alcohol does not seem to help… But I’ll have a fight with him as well you’ll be consumed and my body would like it. Off I go to the Palais.