Day 5 begins with a splash in the ocean

After taking my European time I finally got out the door about 2:30pm and began my hustle to the pavilions. I ate a hamburger at the american pavilion and talked to a few people and met up with my peeps for the screening of Puff. Nice lax day so far. It’s a record I have not drank any alcohol today yet. The dancing last night calmed my nerves and now I’m going to chill out and be on vacation. I am sitting outside the room for the screening because I cannot watch myself on the screen. I am watching people come in I am watching people leave there was about maybe 20 or so people in the movie. This is a movie not for everyone, it was shot in a very 70s way, as in most of the camera shots are stale there’s not much movement or amazing cinematography, but it is funny it is crazy and lots of music. I guess I will go in near the end maybe. But afterwards there’s definitely some drinking going on.








Day 4 and 1/2

So I drink a red wine and started feeling much better. I made it back to the international pavilions and could not find my friends. So I decided to go to the south eastern European pavilions and see what was happening in the party for Croatia. I met some people I’ve talked to on previous days and had some more red wine and my shoulder and chest are feeling better. I get a call from Tod and Jolana telling me where they are and to come meet them. So I depart saying goodbye and meet Tod and Jolana. They are coming out of the American pavilion because all the other pavilions are clam inside because it is drizzling and really windy outside so everyone is cold wet etc. we met up and since I had an invitation to a party in the Riviera marketplace we went there. I introduced my friends to the distributor that invited me on previous days. We drank wine eights delicious bread and cheeses and talked to many fabulous people. People were disappearing so we decided it was time to go. We headed to the majestic, and decided to sit and have a drink, where i found the Kraken! Bye now my pain is killing me but after I drink the Kraken and see Tommy Lee Jones and many other people in the bar my pain starts to fade. We leave and see some famous star from entourage standing outside on the phone. We walked past and I have no idea who this guy is. Tod and Jolana recognizing, I told him go give them a card and after much persuasion they go give the card. Success! So we move Don the closet and go to the grand Hotel, are now normal place to hang out. My friends have made many friends here at the grand, so we are treated warmly and greeted by many people I love it. We decided Sundeleaf, so we go to a distributor company that we had visited in prior days. We grab some wine and run into someone who I have met in previous trips to can who alright accuses me of some crazy shit I will not write about. I stand my ground and do not slander the woman, I asked her to stop slandering me, she will not she continues so I tell her let me record you telling me this please. So I take out my phone and start recording. She hides her face she runs to the owner and starts telling slender lies about me to him.. I of course go up to the man in my false accusations and tell him she is crazy and lying. He tells me I know her I don’t know you. I say I understand my name is Rick Kariolic thank you for having us up here and so we make our departure. But not without much dismay and hurt feelings we regroup at the grand in there nice cozy blow up couches. I Met an old friend and I get to calm down, thank God. I am a very sensitive person and I try to do well to everyone I meet but some people cannot be satiated regardless of how kind you act. There are some crazy people out there and you cannot please them all. But I cannot lose hope. I will still continue regardless of the stray people. So we check out the possible party to get in that Sundance is holding, they will not let us in. We see some friends we met the previous night at the door we follow them to the Carlton Hotel. They try to get us in to the beach party we wait for a while we cannot get in. We go have a few drinks at the Carlton and we come back still not able to get in it is cold and wet we decide to start walking back home. I have not danced since I’ve been here I am itching so I try stopping at every Beachgate seeing if I can get in. I need some ladies out front of the gate was very nice French and they talk to the guard to tell them to let me in because I am from New York City. These ladies are leaving so they will not come in, but a gard says I can go in if I bring back a bunch of girls. So now I’m thinking to myself “okay all you have to do is grab some girls off the street and then I can go in, how easy is that? So much fun, I look for group of girls walking down the closet at night… I see one group I approach them, hello would you like to go to a party? We are looking for our friend they say but yes we will come how far? It is just the second tent on the beach perfect we can go there, OH we need to go to our friend she is at the gray the album. How about you just come with me for five minutes get me in the party and then you can leave okay? No we are late we must go get our friend. Okay ciao. So I walk up and down the closet looking for more girls, and I find two that say we already are invited to a party thank you. Okay does that determing no I continue on. I find another two girls I asked them if they say yes of coarse what’s going the party we go to the gate Figard says hello will come go right in. We do I think them very much for bringing me in the party tell them what does what and tell them to do whatever they want. There’s no dancing going on yet and I am itching so I begin dancing. One of the girls dances as well. Then other people start dancing, then even more people start dancing. Then I start dancing with the whole room and sweating and dancing and having an amazing time dancing all night long I love it I’ve used my video a few times it can be seen in my documentary of my trip. Love love love now it is evening and I just ate and New York steak burger from a French late night diner, it tasted amazing! Maybe because I am tired and hungry it was steak it was fried French, I am now having a heart attack again… I wonder what will happen tomorrow?






Day 4

Day 4, Cannes France 2014
Yesterday when I was walking all of a sudden my just getting everything. My shoulders were both chilling. I could not walk. I could not breathe. I had to stop and go home and sleep. If not for Dawn of the dead 3-D I would’ve been sleeping all night and then I woke at 1:30 PM the next day. Now after a long night of sleeping on this tiny couch, my shoulder my left shoulder is killing me while I walk… I cannot feel like talking not feeling watching want to go lay down not on the couch. But I am not going to do that I just up as a pirate and I am going out and meeting people hopefully will not get to hurt. The justification to myself is I was in a fight the night before with the savage beast tried to take my pirate ship. In a scurvy of madness my parrot came to my aid and picked out the eyes of this savage. Thank God I have my parents. With this battle in mind I have energy to become the Pirates I need to be to sell the people of Cannes my story. Drinking alcohol does not seem to help… But I’ll have a fight with him as well you’ll be consumed and my body would like it. Off I go to the Palais.


Day 1 Canned

Our flight from NYC to Nice was pretty uneventful, which is good! On my way onto the plane i wound up behind Juilanne Moore, beautiful woman beautiful person, she emanates it. But she went to first class and I to the cabin. It was cozy though, sat next to a nice woman who writes for indiewire. Got a little sleep and then we were there! Running around trying to figure out pirate outfits, I made it to the second workshop of the day, the end of it, met a person or 2. Then it was on with Hunter and nurse. Walking around in this trio is fun and not to be missed- so far we are loved or shocked by all. We’ll see what day 2 brings!