Trying the revival at full speed ahead

Since I’ve been back from France my mind is like mush. I tried to think of something but forget what I’m doing in the process. Yesterday when I woke after my flight, I tried riding a bike. First of all I was sleeping watching G.I. Joe to, then my friends came and picked me up directly from sleep I grabbed a bike, that was not my own, grabbed a yoga mat, a bottle of water, my phone, five bucks and went out the door. Upon exiting my house I placed the yoga mat and put it over the gear changer of not my bike and my phone and water bottle in my other hand and I set out on the streets of New York. Upon reaching the streets I noticed the gears are super high so I have to pedal like five times to go super slow, and it is rush-hour and people are walking everywhere memorial day this is, then I get to 42nd St. and the light is about to change so I have to make it so I start pedaling super fast and the people are already crossing the street trying to block me from going across 42nd St. and the cars are just about to go and I do not want to lose my friends in front of me so I go for it, barely making it, the street cars honking at me, people looking at me angrily. I cruise down the street my friend looks back and I am two blocks behind, my other friend is completely disappeared because they are used to riding fast and they are not used to me riding so slow… I finally figured out to put my yoga mat in the back basket and the phone in my pocket. Then I change the gears and I could ride faster and I felt much safer riding faster. Yay! I made it to the yoga place. What? There is no yoga class here… Where do we go? Hey friend can you look at my phone and tell me what it says? Oh my God I am such a brain melted nonfunctioning, recovering from Cannes Film Festival detox numbskull… But cannes was good. Anyways we made it to a yoga class and it was good it made me recover 50% more, so now I am only 75% functioning, hopefully that will go away soon and I can be back to my 100% self… how do I do follow-ups should I hire someone? But then how would they know who was who, I think I just need to get more sleep. My biggest brain bungalow was I do not have an account for the business cards I was passing around so the majority of people I gave my business card to cannot friend me on Facebook. Yeah what’s the point right? I guess I have to send them all in email and invite them to this Facebook account. As I did not attend many movies at the festival I only saw Dawn of the dead 3-D, little bit of purple rain, Sergio Leone’s fistful of dollars, but on Cinando you can watch many movies that played at the festival in your own house! So this is what I’m going to do, since I had so many meetings and so many dancing events and so many people to entertain and so many pirate costumes and so much red wine and so much whiskey and so much champagne Prosecco marijuana. I said it before and I’ll see it again detox is a bitch. Oh and the yoga class i picked was $25