Day 5 begins with a splash in the ocean

After taking my European time I finally got out the door about 2:30pm and began my hustle to the pavilions. I ate a hamburger at the american pavilion and talked to a few people and met up with my peeps for the screening of Puff. Nice lax day so far. It’s a record I have not drank any alcohol today yet. The dancing last night calmed my nerves and now I’m going to chill out and be on vacation. I am sitting outside the room for the screening because I cannot watch myself on the screen. I am watching people come in I am watching people leave there was about maybe 20 or so people in the movie. This is a movie not for everyone, it was shot in a very 70s way, as in most of the camera shots are stale there’s not much movement or amazing cinematography, but it is funny it is crazy and lots of music. I guess I will go in near the end maybe. But afterwards there’s definitely some drinking going on.